Check List

60 Days before You Move
o Read up on the moving industry. Download a copy of the “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” booklet provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
o Create a moving folder for keeping all documents related to the move
o Research moving companies and get quotes from at least 3 of them
o Hire a moving company and set a date
o Start organizing your home
o Get rid of unwanted items (donate, garage sale, sell them, trash them)
o Determine how many boxes you will need
o If getting used boxes, start getting them now
o Make a packing plan
o Start getting any records and documents you need
o Make arrangements for pets
o Take inventory of valuable items, write down serial numbers and take photos
o Plan how to pack difficult items like antiques and electronics
o Start packing items you don’t use often

Your Records and Documents
o Insurance policies – check for changes to coverage because of the move
o Find out how to change driver’s license and vehicle registration
o Find out what moving expenses are tax deductible
o Notify schools of move and transfer school records; begin school registration process
o Notify medical professionals and obtain and transfer records to new professionals
o Transfer any memberships to new hometown
o Obtain important documents like birth certificates

Children and Pets
o Take pets for checkup, get medical records, and any vaccinations which are needed
o Figure out travel arrangements for pets
o Start looking into childcare (preschools) for young children

30 Days before You Move
o Confirm arrangements with moving company
o Reserve any storage units, if you need them
o Begin packing items you don’t need now, like out-of-season clothes
o Arrange for someone to look after young children and pets on moving day
o Arrange for utilities to be shut off 3 days after you move and turned on 3 days before move-in day at your new home
o Inform service providers of move (cleaning services, landscaping, etc.); look for new providers in new home town
o Begin cleaning and organizing home for packing
o Continue packing items you don’t use
o Make any repairs or renovations to new home
o Arrange for cleaning services and exterminator services in new home, if needed

Your Records and Documents
o File change of address form with post office
o Update address with friends, family, banks, insurance companies, medical professionals, utility companies, financial institutions, magazines and other subscriptions
o If changing banks, open new account; make sure to switch any recurring payments to new account

14 Days before You Move
o Get more packing supplies, if needed
o Start packing rooms
o Refill any prescriptions
o Organize any important documents and arrange for them to be transported by you
o Make a box of valuable items to be transported by you
o Prepare new home for move-in (cleaning)
o Return all borrowed items and get back any items you lent out

Week of the Move
o Finish packing
o Use up any perishables or items which can’t be moved (like household cleaners and flammables)
o Confirm moving arrangements
o Arrange for payment of movers, including cash tips
o Get money for any other moving expenses, such as accommodation, food, tolls, and gas
o Confirm utility shutoff and turn-on
o Gather all keys, garage openers, and alarm codes to be given to new owners
o Close old bank account; make sure all automatic payments are working on new account first and all payments have cleared
o Make a meal plan for moving day and the first few days in your new home; get phone numbers of delivery options in new home town
o Pack a “survival” box of items you will need for the first few days in your new home
o Designate a box of essentials as “open first”
o Defrost your freezer 2-3 days before moving day
o Get disposable cups for refreshments on moving day

Moving Day
o Take off and pack bedding; disassemble beds
o Notify police in home town that your home will be empty for a few days
o Check the moving company is the same one you hired
o Check the inventory list, Bill of Lading, and sign them
o Give direction to the movers
o Offer refreshments to movers
o Be sure you have contact information for moving company
o Lock all doors and windows before leaving old home, turn off all lights and unplug everything; do a walk-through inspection
o Sweep and vacuum floors in new place, if you haven’t done so earlier
o Tape labels on doors so movers know where to unload boxes
o If renting, take photos of old place and of new place before moving in
o Reassemble beds; then start unpacking with the kitchen first

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